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  1. Happy Birthday-- crud it's midnight.

    Happy Birthday ANYWAYZ.
  2. Most of the ones I made were random button ones.
    The funniest mashups are random button ones as well, because they're, well, random.
    I can't tell you how hard I laugh at some of the randomest ones.
  3. Oh yeah, definitely. I only made a few random button ones, though.
  4. Well, the more comics that come, the more smashups that can be made.
    The random button does wonders.
  5. Yeah. People like you tend to upstage me (No offense, I really like yours) with smashups, but NOT THIS TIME.
  6. When I saw that mashup, I thought "I could've done it too!"
    Though I would probably do it several days later. :P
    Good thing you did it right away.
  7. Yeah it is, thanks. I'm glad I did it when I did, somebody could've used that idea before me O_O
  8. MY CHARACTERS ARE S- ugh, never mind.

    Is the mashup the sleepover one? It's really funny .
  9. My characters are basically hot dogs with gumballs for heads.

    They are superior to your characters.

    BTW, I made a new smashup, it's on the smashup thread. It's not the Olimar one, either.
  10. Well, anything that's not...right, say, can be pretty hard to draw. When I draw people, I end up giving them round heads. That are a little too big. Unproportional stuff for the win.
  11. Thanks.

    And yeah, really weird eyes. *Shudders* I drew Trunks in an... ok manner. Dunno where that drawing went.
  12. Haha nice joke there.
    No, I actually never tried drawing Vegeta, but I see what you mean. I probably would have the same problem if I tried though.
  13. Like Vegeta? He has weird eyes, I've had to try and draw hiim over 9000 times, and it still didn't look right.
  14. Yeah, me too. Or anyone with weird eyes.
  15. I feel that way about drawing Sonic. His eyes always seem off.
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