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  1. Duuuuude. Hot stuff! :D

    Eh, the usual. Working on the comic, working on homework, not working on homework, foruming, etc. We had prom on Saturday.
  2. No grudge held. My jazz band was playing at a competition at Lincoln Center, so we got to meet a bunch of awesome people.

    How's stuff going with you?
  3. Yeesh, Cheez. I'm sorry.
  4. Is he like Miles Davis?
  5. ...Wynton Marsalis?
  6. ...I feel like I should know this guy...
  7. Dammit, how'd you know?

    Check out the post your picture thread.
  8. So... Wyoming?
  9. The part where AP exams and haven't really been active since last year.
  10. So, where can I find "Stuff"? Which part of the country is it in?
  11. Yeah, I think I'll stick with it.
  12. ...You sure about that answer?
  13. Stuff.
  14. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeez, where've you been, bro?
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