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  20. I love that word!!!!
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  69. Who likes Waddle Dees!!!????
  70. Who likes Waddle Dees!!!????
  71. Suggestions for a future Waluigi T-shirt
  72. Shouldn't Snake be on the characters page?
  73. Cacoon Acadamy
  74. Comic Hair Curl and DoppleGangers
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  79. Not sure if this is intentional or not...
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  81. If I was in Nintendo!!!
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  83. Behind the scenes of Cocoon Academy -- details, early sketches, deleted stuff & more!
  84. All right, who did it?
  85. Wow, Wait...
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  87. Will we ever see Eternal Darkness in BitF?
  88. Which type of comic do you like best?
  89. a new rival appears
  90. A T-Shirt idea I had
  91. So what do you guys think looks better? BitF art comparison
  92. Questions that need answer.
  93. Since Dreamland Is Out, would you put (Bandana) Waddle Dee on the "next" button.
  94. Occupy Brawl in the Family!
  95. Does anybody else get freaked out if there isn't a new update by now?
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  97. Wha’s wrong with the text?
  98. Got a question? Why hasn't Square Enix games ever been on Brawl in the Family?
  99. Waluigi for President of this fine USA?
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  103. I made an MP4 download of the 400th comic
  104. Does Matt hate Fire Emblem?
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  108. I got Charles Martinet to say "Too bad, Waluigi Time"
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  122. There is a glitch on the BiTF main page
  123. Can't find a comic!
  124. Which games could become funny jokes?
  125. [Spoilers] Memories Comic! : Skyward Sword
  126. Whoops...my bad
  127. Tadpole Treble Kickstarter Discussion
  128. How long did you lurk before joining BitForums?
  129. I need your advice, Matthew! Please help me!
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  146. A tribute to Brawl in the family
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  151. Anybody else feel like it was a bit too early to end BitF?
  152. 12 days of ChristWaaas
  153. I hope this is an uncontroversial opinion
  154. Jolly Happy Jerk: Animation! (in progress!)
  155. BITF Collection Stolen
  156. Quest of Souls, composed by BitF's Matthew "TriForce Bun" Taranto
  157. Forums No Longer on the BitF Official Website
  158. Thought I'd share my Kickstarter backer reward with you guys