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  1. The Teleprompter: A Guide to Debate (READ BEFORE DEBATING HERE)
  2. Jail: Punishment or Rehab?
  3. Israeli Apartheid Week: educate yourself
  4. Rise from the Ashes: Healthcare.
  5. What's Your Religion?
  6. String Theory
  7. Your Political Ideology
  8. Don't Eat Meat on Saturday?!
  9. Well, it's been destined to return eventually: Autism- cure or acceptance?
  10. Earthquake
  11. TIME Magazine's Top 100 Influential People of 2010
  12. Wikileaks announces new reveal; Collateral Murder
  13. Texas introduces crap standards for textbooks.
  14. This doesn't look good for Net Neutrality.
  15. Glenn Beck is officially a troll.
  16. 97 People Die in Plane Crash - Including President of Poland
  17. Feel Your Arteries Clogging
  18. Evolution and creation
  19. Cambridge to teach pole dancing
  20. Fox News
  21. US Financial Reform Bill.
  22. Newspapers - Too much power?
  23. South Park Fastidiousness
  24. Scam Artists play on people's fears about Obamacare.
  25. They're trying to build a prison - for you and me to live in!
  26. Death over a PlayStation
  27. Oil Rig Explodes in the Gulf of Mexico
  28. So a kid with cancer asked the Make a Wish Foundation to make him a superhero.
  29. Which one to vote for? United Kingdom General Elections 2010 Edition
  30. Nigel Farage got minor injuries after plane crash
  31. Political Symbolism
  32. Rising from the ashes: volcanic clouds
  33. In Other News...
  34. Should a political party that helps people evade taxes be banned?
  35. The Death of the Newspaper
  36. Which one to vote for? Netherlands States-General Elections 2010 Edition
  37. Nestlé doesn't like breastfeeding
  38. The Great Firewall of Australia??
  39. Okay, so the government just blew up...
  40. This is the way the world ends
  41. Video games and psychology, sociology and other social sciences
  42. Aliens on Titan
  43. New News Channel in Canada
  44. Missing Parent-Teacher conferences = Jail?
  45. Justin Bieber's World Domination Tour to invade North Korea?
  46. Sunny Side Up and the Sky is Over the Limit
  47. Former Sea Shepherd activist convicted in Japan
  48. Bamamas police catch Barefoot Bandit!
  49. No more Internet Privacy!?!
  50. Uganda and homosexuality.
  51. Your Christian Beliefs
  52. Your Pagan Beliefs
  53. Same Sex Marriage
  54. Possible uranium mining in Native American lands
  55. Look who popped up in the Daily Telegraph recently
  56. Is belief in Richard Dawkins necessary for education?
  57. Michigan Oil Spill
  58. What's Your Morality?
  60. A little thought regarding marriage
  61. Breaking news: Tories are morons
  62. California 200 Accident Kills 8
  63. The Monarchy (split from In Other News)
  64. Suddenly, ALIENS HAPPENED! And YOU choose who represents humanity.
  65. More Americans believe Obama is a Muslim
  66. I hate my govenor!
  67. Abortion
  68. Do you think the pen is mightier than the sword?
  69. Apparently I'm a parasite
  70. The Simulation Argument
  71. Emulators, ROMS, and ISOs, oh my! (UPDATE: SEE FIRST POST!)
  72. General Sports Discussion
  73. M rated games
  74. US Midterm Elections
  75. This is pretty awkward.
  76. A Mosque on ground zero
  77. Prop 19?
  78. Gun Regulation.
  79. Redeye: A bunch of people just talking about the today, or an actual news show?
  80. Hypotheticals!
  81. North Korea and South Korea at war.
  82. Air port security
  83. Fun tidbit
  84. NASA discovers life that's made out of Aresenic!
  85. Should juveniles who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?
  86. Bush Tax Cuts.
  87. Tokyo's Youth Ordinance Bill Bans Anime and Manga
  88. Word Lens -- Real-Time Translation on a Smart Phone
  89. Don't Ask Don't Tell is being repealed.
  90. Youtubers take alert!
  91. Homosexuality and religion
  92. 33rd Taizé Young Adult Meeting in Rotterdam
  93. Sarah Palin and Duckspeak about Feminism
  94. Overfishing has ended in the United States.
  95. Do you feel that Obama is a socialist?
  96. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars
  97. War Criminal Bouterse's Coup d'État Now National Holiday
  98. The Wisconsin Union Bill Chrisis
  99. So About the Protests in North-Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
  100. "The Surprising Truth on what Motivates Us"
  101. The beginning of the universe
  102. UK frivolities: AV
  103. Japan Hit By a Tsunami After a Massive 8.9 Earthquake
  104. Scottish Parliament Elections
  105. Welsh Assembly Elections
  106. Order 66
  107. A Question about Libertarianism
  108. TIME: Worst Cabinet Members
  109. The Question about Miscarriages After Life...
  110. Invisible Children
  111. The GOP has discussed their budget plan.
  112. The US Government just barely avoided a partial shut down.
  113. Life without Death
  114. Physics Debate?
  115. Donald Trump
  116. History Written by the Losers: States rights/Slavery
  117. The Birthers of a Nation
  118. Tons of places are being hacked.
  119. Ex-Black Panther Abu Jamal Gets New Hearing
  120. Fatah and Hamas Reach Agreement
  121. Christiania, a Gated Commune?
  122. The Royal Wedding
  123. Osama Bin Laden is dead.
  124. Slavery
  125. Canadian Federal Elections
  126. Mathematical Model for the Functioning of Rat Whiskers
  127. SlutWalking: Against Blaming the Victim
  128. Microsoft acquires Skype
  129. Swiss Referendum on Suicide Tourism
  130. UKIP Takes Its First Council
  131. Prempo Drugs Cause Pfizer to Set Apart $772 Million
  132. Denmark and the Schengen Treaty: Something is Rotten in the State Denmark
  133. British Disabled Face Increasing Discrimination
  134. Your Thoughts on Homeschooling?
  135. Civil Rally in Madrid
  136. IMF Head Resigns Over Sexual Abuse Accusations
  137. Anti Bullying
  138. The May 21 rapture
  139. Ratko Mladić Arrested in Serbia
  140. Chinese Prisoners Forced to Gold Farm
  141. Tory-Dems Outsource Jobs at Town Halls
  142. Nader's Blog
  143. The SNP and the Corporation Tax
  144. Corporate Religions
  145. Homeowners Forclose Bank (AKA Epic Win)
  146. Australian camel killing made legal to prevent Green House gases.
  147. Comedy and Politics
  148. Petition: End the War on Drugs
  149. Avaaz
  150. Godwin's Law in the US
  151. Electoral Reform: Presidential Elections
  152. LGBT Rights in Israel: Pinkwashing
  153. Vancouver Riot
  154. We really need to make some laws against this.
  155. Is this RACSIM?
  156. So it looks like there's no federal law against discriminating against LGBTs.
  157. U.S. Bill S.978: The Anti-Streaming Bill
  158. Motorcyclist Dies in an Accident While Protesting Mandatory Helmet Laws
  159. London: 6 years ago...
  160. Let's talk about population control.
  161. Nato
  162. Republic of South Sudan
  163. Fan saved from six-metre fall during Home Run Derby
  164. The Three Laws of Robotics - A myth or a useful safety method?
  165. Canadian Mayors
  166. Democracy in the Animal Kingdom.
  167. A new high for piracy in China: entire fake Apple stores
  168. A bomb went off in Norway.
  169. USA's Summer Heat Wave of 2011
  170. Meanwhile in Geneva
  171. Puritan Proletarians: How Conservative is the White US Working Class?
  172. The latest retail knock-off in China? Ikea
  173. School of the Americas
  174. Fear on the stock markets
  175. Ethics classes to be stopped in public schools?
  176. London Riots.
  177. Rebecca Black Bullied out of School
  178. 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Virginia
  179. Major City Selling Old Metro Trains to Nigeria
  180. Does praise have a negative effect on people?
  181. Emotion is the Universal Language?
  182. The War on Terror has expanded to...Twitter?
  183. Scientists claim to have broken the absolute speed barrier
  184. Women Freed from Sex Slavery in Peru
  185. Russia introduces chemical castration for pedophiles
  186. Animals Cops or Guinea Pigs?
  187. Alcohol abuse and alcohol policy
  188. Occupy Wall Street
  189. Energy Policy
  190. Climate Change
  191. NASA: Aliens may destroy Earth over environment
  192. Aliens
  193. Shark Fin Debate
  194. Stereotypical Costumes: Over-reacting or an actual problem?
  195. US Republican Primaries
  196. Newsroom Quote Thread
  197. PETA strikes again, this time against Mario?!?
  198. Another online IP protection bill in the U.S.
  199. 100 million Americans either in or frightfully close to poverty
  200. The Supreme Court is going to rule on Obama's Health Care Reform
  201. 'Time Traveller' attempts to sabotage the LHC
  202. Santa Claus is replaced with Link and Zelda at the Toronto Eaton Centre
  203. Youtube changed layout AGAIN!
  204. United States Senators declare the entire country to be a battleground
  205. Are Christians judged harshly in media?
  206. Obama Administration Blocks an Attempt to Make Morning After Pills Easier to Buy
  207. EU blocks export of execution drugs to US
  208. Are social and fiscal conservatism really compatible?
  209. Is there any possible constitutional defense for DOMA?
  210. Internet Usage to be Tracked Under New Bill
  211. Political Resources
  212. European Online Privacy Reform
  213. Obama Requires Catholic Institutions to Provide Birth Control
  214. The Political Compass has made listings for the 2012 election with shocking results
  215. I think globalization might be the reason people are so frustrated with politics.
  216. Obama urges people to donate to his Super PAC, despite previous condemnation
  217. Should we go to war with Iran?
  218. Student sues school over official prayer, receives death threats
  219. Personhood Amendments
  220. Utah is trying to ban all sex-ed except for abstinence only.
  221. US Attorney General declares that "due process" doesn't mean a court process.
  222. Kony 2012
  223. Iditarod: Man saves dog with Mouth-to-Snout CPR
  224. Honestly I think this could solve a lot of what is wrong with US Politics (PR & IRV).
  225. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
  226. Wisconsin Republicans repeal gender discrimination law
  227. The Buffet Rule
  228. Should We Continue to Drill Oil?
  229. The Supreme Court is hearing a case on the Arizona Illegal Immigration Law.
  230. Catholic Bishops claim that the Republican budget proposal is unchristian.
  231. Romney Foreign Policy Spokesman resigns amid attacks over his homosexuality
  232. To anyone who thought America was even close to being a post-racial society
  233. An interesting article on the Citizens United decision
  234. 2012 US Presidential Election
  235. God's lesser known sacrifice.
  236. The Spectrum Crunch
  237. The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit has declared DOMA unconstitutional
  238. South Carolina Boy Sues School for Graduation Prayer
  239. Obama's unmanned drone policy
  240. I really dislike the term "Judeo-Christian"
  241. North Carolina Republicans trying to forbid climate change science in official models
  242. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin wins recall election.
  243. Saint Paul MN Pastor about to lose church because of pro-same-sex marriage stance
  244. Where do you get your news?
  245. Toronto plastic bag ban: Mayor Rob Ford says ‘it’s the people’s fault’
  246. 46% of Americans are still Creationists
  247. Wildfires rage in Colorado and New Mexico
  248. Man Shoots 4-Year-Old Boy He Thought Was Gay
  249. So some pastors have been making incredibly bigoted comments about gays.
  250. Rand Paul introduces a Zygote Personhood Amendment into a bill on Flood Insurance