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  1. ~Bitf Community Online Match-Ups - NOW BRAWLING~
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  3. The Brawl Discussion Thread
  4. Your Brawl Goals
  5. ~Brawl Friend Code Compilation List~
  6. Top 10 Worst and Best Final Smashes!
  7. Brawl Funny Moments
  8. Changes to Brawl!
  9. Favorite Brawl Character
  10. So... how about that Brawl+?
  11. The Next Smash Bros!
  12. Brawl Character Duplicates-Vote Who You Like Best--Part 1--
  13. Two Threads That Should've Been Here
  14. Custom Stages
  15. Brawl Machinimas
  16. Roy, Pichu, Dr.Mario, or Mewtwo?
  17. You Know You Own/Fail At SSBB When...
  18. Brawl Downloadable Content - How it could have been.
  19. Competitive or Casual Player?
  20. Your Brawl Snapshots
  21. Brawlin' in the Happiest Place on Earth
  22. Your 6 To Defeat Tabuu
  23. Balanced Brawl; I wonder..
  24. SSBM Event Match 51: The Showdown
  25. playable characters that should've been in SSBB
  26. Brawl Tactics
  27. Manly brawl tourney on brawl snapshots
  28. BGMs that should be in Brawl
  29. Opinion on sonic?
  30. How do YOU play?
  31. The best in the series?
  32. Your Favorite (and Least Favorite) Stages
  33. Share your Chaos Faction 2 Stages here
  34. Every fighting game needs a stage
  35. What controller do you use??
  36. 3DS Possibilites
  37. Tiers
  38. SSB4: Snake and Sonic
  39. Brawl Glitches
  40. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  41. Where can I find Fountain of Dreams sheet music for alto sax?
  42. Brawl Pics - Show your Brawling spirit!
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  44. Randomizers Club (or MB-dan)
  45. The "Who I've Registered" Topic
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  48. Brawl Pics: Brawler of the Month
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  51. SSB4 Wishlist Thread
  52. *sadface* My Brawl doesn't work any more!
  53. Special Brawls!
  54. Subspace Emissary - General Discussion, and the way I see the Story
  55. SSB Stage Ideas (For future games; got some? Then share them here!)
  56. I need advice from you. [Seriously.]
  57. Hey guys, check out this review.
  58. Melee Wavedashing
  59. What was your reaction to Sonic being announced?
  60. Alternate movesets for existing characters?
  61. How can I unlock the song "Fountain of Dreams" for use in Stage Builder on Super Smas
  62. The Brawl's Pokeballs
  63. ~Smaps~
  64. Sakurai reflects on Melee
  65. new third party character
  67. Team Brawl Tournament
  68. What are your color/costume nicknames?
  69. Proof Ridley can possiably be playble in a future game
  70. Brawl challenges!
  72. Sonic says, "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!!!"
  73. Need the help of you Casuals again. <3
  74. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mods
  75. RL costumes
  76. Mix & match abilities
  77. Brawl Snapshots
  78. Smash Bros at E3 - Place Your Bets!
  79. Super Smash Brothers 4 on Cafe?
  80. How do you folks feel about Meta Knight?
  81. Alternate Movesets
  82. SSB moves for RL
  83. Your level?
  84. The Second BitF vBulletin SSBB Tournament
  85. BitF Weekly Brawl Tournament (05/05/12 - Vanilla Tourney)
  86. Meta Knight is banned as of the Unity Ruleset v2.0
  87. What stages do you want to return?
  88. What's your Smash Story?
  89. The impossible guest fighter thread
  90. Can any character really be S Rank? (A discussion on tiers)
  91. What would you like to see in SSB4 (besides characters)?
  92. Favorite Melee Character/Stage
  93. If you could change a Final Smash...
  94. The Third BitF vBulletin SSBB Tournament (WINTER :D)
  95. What songs would you like to see in the next game(s)?
  96. Anyone want to brawl?
  97. Smash Brothers Video Discussion
  98. Favorite Taunts
  99. Which movesets would you change?
  100. Create Your Own Assist Trophy
  101. Big change coming to Super Smahs Bros. 3DS Wii U?
  102. What version of character would you have?
  103. The Second Annual BitF Summer Tournament
  104. Brawl hacking help?
  105. Costumes!
  106. An idea for Final Smashes
  107. SSB4 Roster Prediction Thread
  108. Items?
  109. Namco-Bandia representitive joins in SSB4 development
  110. So there's a U.S. Smash Bros. 4 Character Poll for Sakurai
  111. Which Assist Trophies should be playable in the next Super Smash Bros.?
  112. Make Your Own Event Match
  113. Smash Brothers at Evo 2k13!
  114. Core Brawl
  115. Playstyle vs Orgin
  116. SSB4 News Thread
  117. No Guts, No Glory: Smash 4 Predictions
  118. 3rd Party Characters
  119. Compare these.
  120. The Smash Brothers 4 Dojo
  121. SSB4 Roster Discussion Thread
  122. No Smash Bros. Stream for EVO (Reversed)
  123. The Four Way CPU Smash Test
  124. Most Unexpected SSB Characters
  125. Smash Sites are being attacked.
  126. Project M
  127. "My Music" Prediction Thread
  128. Competitive Smash
  129. Smash Bros. Comparisons
  130. Super Smash Bros Melee will be the 7th main game at EVO 2014
  131. Assist Trophy Prediction Thread
  132. Trophies You Want to See for SSB4
  133. Super Smash Bros. "mainstays"
  134. Melee or Brawl: which do you prefer?
  135. Be Bold: Smash 4 Direct Predictions
  136. Alternate Costume Predictions
  137. Make a Trailer
  138. The Final Countdown: Smash 4 at E3 2014/Release Predictions
  139. E3 2014 - Smash 4 Invitational Tournament
  140. Your Reaction to...
  141. Confirmed Music in Smash 4 Soundtrack
  142. Leaked/Rumored Characters Thread
  143. Newcomers Trailer Appreciation Thread
  144. SSB4 WII U Release Date Guessing Contest
  145. Who do you main?
  146. If you could have one more veteran...
  147. The Super Smash Bros. 4 (Wii U & 3DS) Challenge Thread
  148. Cocoon Academy (custom Brawl stage)
  149. need to know something....
  150. Smash 3DS tourney sign-ups and rule discussion
  151. BitF Smash 3DS tourney starting now
  152. Who do YOU think will be DLC?
  153. BiTF Smash 3Ds Tourney Still going!
  154. Custom Moves Thread
  155. What Will Mewtwo Bring?
  156. What controller do you use for Wii U?
  157. Fox Only, No Items, No Bs: The Competitive Melee Thread
  158. Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation
  159. Smash Ballot: Who Will YOU Vote to Get in?
  160. The Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U tourney!
  161. Smash Bros NX
  162. Smash Party
  163. SSB5 News Thread