I take it you all caught the Direct, right? It was quite the wave of Smash Bros information, complete with a number of bombshells!

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One of those, of course, was the surprising reveal of Greninja as a newcomer. While I’m not terribly excited for more Pokemon characters in general, I do think he’s probably the best X/Y rep they could’ve picked, and he looks fun to use. Although that unwieldily best australian online casino tongue might lead to some sticky situations, as seen above.

Less exciting to me is splitting up the Pokemon Trainer team. Ivysaur was by far my favorite Pokemon to use in any Smash game, and I worry he may have gotten the axe (since Charizard has always been the fame-hog of the three, let’s be honest). There’s only room enough in my heart for one fire-breathing dragon anyway…

-By Matthew