I’ve sometimes been in Adeleine’s shoes in this comic, realizing the afternoon has been spent absorbed in some game. Not that I have anything at all against single-player games, but time spent with others sharing a fun game experience somehow feels more fulfilling, I guess? I dunno, what do you guys think?

Exaggerated poses and expressions are always fun, but this time I enjoyed giving Adeleine somewhat more human-ish mannerisms.

I’d like to point out that NF Magazine, which I’m happily involved in with comics, art, and articles, is running a Kickstarter of their own right now! This is basically to help fund the second year of the mag, and if some of the stretch goals are hit, we can put in some bonus goodies to make it extra special. The folks heading the project are talented, passionate Nintendo fans, so if you haven’t checked out our work yet, you owe yourself to give it a try!

-By Matthew