I think that Kirby and Dedede’s relationship is slightly more cordial since last year’s sleepover, but not to the point where Dedede is above pranking or competing with Kirby in his usual aggressive manner. I like exploring the power of Kirby’s gaping maw, and according to Dream Land 1, apparently the guy sneezes so hard it knocks the stars out of the sky. I’ve tried a slightly different approach to the coloring here, though, and I sort of like the softer look (even though I’ve got a ways to go with it). Let me know what you think!

Next week is going to be enormously busy for me, so I’ll have to take a week off the comic. The books will be here–and I’m going to be shipping out over 800 of them (many of which will be signed and sketched in)! Also, I’m finishing up the Kickstarter rewards and going through a bunch of emails and messages regarding specific orders. Sorry for the inconvenience for those of you wanting more BitF, but we’ll be back the week after next, so it’s not too big a break. And for those of you who pre-ordered or pledged in the Kickstarter, you’ll be receiving your books within a few weeks! If you still haven’t ordered one yet, go for it! They’re the must-own item for any BitF fan, and we’ll have a bunch of them cluttering up my house. Domestic shipping for the books is via media mail so it’s fairly cheap too (under 4 bucks, I believe).

See you guys on Sunday the 23rd!

-By Matthew