Luigi finally getting recognition? Surely this is a sign of the Apocalypse…!

This comic was initially planned on Tuesday, to make the four strips in this series follow a noticeable pattern with the characters and their worlds, going full circle with Ganondorf in Dream Land. However, I ended up swapping the two because of the general scope of this particular strip. Interestingly, one of the readers had caught onto the pattern last week and predicted a Mushroom Kingdom resident visiting Hyrule (it was on the TVTropes forum for BitF, I think, which I like to check out from time to time).

I’m not quite sure yet how this timeline works with the previous comic regarding Ganon. I think (or hope) it still makes sense given how much time passes in this strip…

I hope you’re enjoying this pseudo-arc, but it’s not over yet! I was going back and forth on whether I could get Tuesday(Christmas Day)’s comic done in time, but I’m going to go ahead and take a stab at it. It’ll hopefully wrap the year up in a satisfactory manner.

“The year?” I hear you gasp. Correct–as always, I’ll be home for the holidays, taking Christmas vacation. This time around, it will be extra busy though–between erecting a fence in my yard, working on over 800(!!) folks’ Kickstarter rewards, and severely dreading a procedure the day after New Year’s, things aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon!

In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy the season. Barring any unexpected delay, I should see everyone on Christmas day with the next comic! Here’s a teaser to whet (or curb) your appetite.

ganondorf bathing while being scrubbed by waddle dee

-By Matthew