I can’t help but think of how much of a non-sequitur this will look like to people who haven’t played Kid Icarus: Uprising. I have to say, the leggy “Mimicuties” in the game are one of the more inspired takes on a classic gaming baddie that I’ve seen! And between this and Jody Summer’s bad luck, maybe personal ads aren’t the best way to go for the dating scene…?

I did have a big announcement thingy all prepped for today, but unfortunately it’s been pushed back a bit due to some unforeseen stuff. The new target date is next Friday!

I do have this though…

Back from a 25-year hiatus, the energetic Pit makes a triumphant landing in Brawl in the Family. Youthful and adventurous, “Kid Icarus” is now a victim of the same sort of scrapes that other Brawlers have become privy to. And when he’s not taking advantage of opportunities for adventure and challenge–he does love testing that Intensity Cauldron–he spends his free time kicking back and shooting the breeze with Lady Palutena. He and the goddess have a mutual respect for each other, as well as a shared, goofy sense of humor.

-By Matthew