What the-? An update?

Yep, just a li’l Christmas bonus to appear before your wandering eyes. It’s a sort of “sequel” to Super Carol 64, and I made it as a freebie for all of you since the upcoming Volume Two and Three books were pushed back past Christmas. They will be arriving in January though! This song was fun and tricky to do (to once again find holiday and Nintendo songs that work together), and listening to it is sure to make your brain hurt. I aim to please!¬†Also, since BitF ended right when the new Smash came out, it was fun to be able to perform some of that game’s main theme this time.

Not too much else to say except that I hope you guys have been having a good year, and I’ve been keeping very busy. In fact, I’ll have a more organized “front page” for the site in a few weeks that’ll have several easy-to-access links on the things I’ve been working on, so keep an eye out for it. Just to dispel rumors, though–this doesn’t mean that BitF’s coming back! Just a brief dip out of retirement to give you some Christmas music. So you’ll still have to go elsewhere for your Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta comics!

-By Matthew