Hey, I’d play it. Sonic 4 looks pretty good, but I’m having trouble getting all that excited for it considering we’ve already had several 2-D Sonic games this decade. So we’ll see. And I like how I can use loopholes to justify making Sonic comics, thanks to SSBB (Snake also qualifies).

Thanks for the well-wishing, too! I’m finally feeling better now, although it was a rough couple of days.

How about those Saints, huh? I don’t really follow sports but even I have to admit it’s pretty exciting when your home state finally wins the Super Bowl. I go to New Orleans about once a month considering it’s only about an hour away.

I’m still working on the Haiti Fund holdup, waiting for a response. In case you missed Tuesday’s “Sick Day” half-update, I mentioned there that I’d keep you guys posted on the latest news with the comic updates, so keep checking in.

-By Matthew