After several strips full of dialogue, I thought it’d be nice to take a breather, go back to BitF’s roots, and just play up the visuals. This nightmarish scenario allowed me to do that with relative ease.

Amidst probably a hundred guesses on the boards, no one came up with Super Mario Sunshine’s Shadow Mario for the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. But why him over other characters? There are a few reasons, and some of you may have already figured it out.

I’m afraid I have a little bit of bad news, though…there’s a possibility I may not be able to finish this story by Christmas. The next several days (really, week and a half) are packed with a bunch of family and friends stuff, unlike this month up to this point. I’ll try my best and keep you updated in the BitForums if there’s an issue.

Until then, enjoy your week(s) off work, school, and/or other unpleasant obligations!

-By Matthew