Okay, I know, I’m over a day late. Sorry! Coloring these suckers takes a significantly longer amount of time. On that note, while I usually color every fifth comic, I bent the rules this time around because I wanted to use color as a means of contrasting the Past with the Present (on that note, don’t expect 205 to have much color!).

The story’s movin’ along and it should speak for itself by this point, but since the Past is a pretty significant event, it’s actually split into two strips (today’s and Friday’s), so this backstory is not yet complete.

So why Rosalina for the first spirit? Well, the Ghost of Christmas Past is often portrayed as a young, elegant woman in a dress, the use of Super Mario Galaxy-like transportation made the format of Mario’s travels convenient, and it allowed me to do a few fun things visually (specifically the panel of her turning away from Mario and her likeness to Peach). Could Peach have fit this role? Possibly, but she already has a different part in this tale.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta hurry the heck up and start Friday’s comic! @_@

-By Matthew