Ah, feels nice to do a single-panel, wordless comic! I’ve always liked Lickitung, implied misfortune, and glances at characters living their normal lives, hence today’s strip.

Pretty noteworthy few days though–tomorrow I turn the ripe, decaying old age of 25, and the day after that, SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 COMES OUT AND YOU SHOULD ALL GET IT.

Hey, so we’ve stealth-added a new section to the top: Fan Works! We’ll be highlighting significant forum threads in there as they pop up. Plus, we’ll be holding an art contest on the forums every month starting in June, and the top entries will get a permanent spot in the BitF hall of fame! So aspiring artists, keep an eye out for updates.

Also, fellow gamer comic 2P START! has just posted their whopper of a finale, and to join in the well-wishing, I’ve made a small dedication for Tim and Ray:



Godspeed, fellas, and good luck with your future endeavors. We’ve got several readers that enjoyed the comic and are discussing it here on our forums.

For the rest of you, may your weekend be filled with stars and plumbers.

-By Matthew