The end! I hope you enjoyed yet another fractured take on a beloved Christmas tale.

This year’s story was especially challenging in that I wanted it to be fairly brief, but still have a lot to it, so it took a bunch of tweaking to get everything to fit the way I wanted it to. The end result kind of feels like a blend of a bunch of other BitF stories in a way, and it ended up sort of coming full circle to the very first storyline, which kinda makes me happy.

The last two parts didn’t have any mouseover text because they were in an alternate reality. A reality that lacks mouseover text.

For those wondering about the impact of the ending though, even though this plotline technically takes place as a hypothetical “what if” scenario for Waluigi, that’s more of a joke than a serious plot point; consider everything up until Bowser joining hands with his enemies to be BitF canon, for what it’s worth.

So yes, that means Dedede’s hat has changed!

As for the comic itself, it’s time for my annual winter break! It’s a bit of a doozy this time: I’ll be back on January 20th, refreshed and ready to greet the new year with more comics and podcasts! I’m heading out of town next week to spend Christmas with the in-laws, but I hope to have a small surprise on the site before then. Can’t make any promises though, but I’ll do my best.

Thanks for reading, and have a merrrrrry Christmaaaaas! Ho ho hoooo…

-By Matthew