Happy 50 comics, Brawl in the Family!

I’m willing to bet some of you are wondering what the heck is going on with the latest strip. Well, I decided I’d make my big fiftieth strip an homage to my favorite comic strip of all, Calvin and Hobbes. Rest assured that BitF isn’t undergoing a massive style change or anything like that, heh.

Also with the advent of 50 comics I’d like to thank all the readers for their continued support–particularly the initial ones at the IGN and GameFAQs boards that convinced me to keep going with the idea. Our own forums have gotten quite lively and the community has impressed me with their civility (even if they can get a little silly at times, haha).

I’d also like to thank the fine folks at UnleadedMugen for their generous hosting that helped make this all possible.

And last but not least, a big thanks to the site designer, the man behind the curtain that makes pretty much everything you see work the way it should. That of course, is Chris, who has volunteered many hours of his time towards guaranteeing BitF runs smoothly.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I promise not to be this long-winded next time around.