This one’s a bit different than the usual fare. Both because the emphasis isn’t as much on the gag itself this time (and on more of a sort of current events statement), and because this strip is even more obscure than usual. Ideally, everyone would know of EarthBound’s sequel, Mother 3, and how it never got translated into English despite tens of thousands of dedicated fans clamoring for it.

Well, nothing’s changed on Nintendo of America’s front, but I’d like to draw your attention to a wonderful fan-project that’s been going on for over two years: the Mother 3 English translation patch. I’m normally opposed to emulation, but this is such a unique scenario that I have to give Tomato and his team some appreciation for their hard work. You can finally play Mother 3 in English, and today’s comic is sort of my own little way of celebrating.

Believe me, the game is worth playing. I have the Japanese copy and it’s nothing short of amazing. And after you finish it, you’ll be able to recognize who all those Kirby characters are dressed as! How’s that for incentive?

Well, not much, I know, but the point is, PLAY MOTHER 3. IT IS AWESOME.

(Man, that was wordy. I need to work on my brevity.)