Well friends, here we are. The ending of this 6.5-year journey is upon us this week…so let’s grab our weaponry and duke it out!

Writing an end sequence to something like BitF is not easy at all, I gotta say. What sort of closure do you give these characters? I ultimately decided on this ending because I wanted a way to say goodbye to these versions of the characters, while still acknowledging that their legacies will go on thanks to all the other “Hands” out there. Indeed, some of you had guessed by this point that the combination of fan and official versions of the casts’ transformations had something to do with this idea.

Yes, the Hand is me. But I’m far from the only one, so don’t be too sad, everyone! The gang will continue to have adventures in all sorts of different forms…and heck, some of them might even be spearheaded by you!

(I did consider having Waluigi show up for a three-panel finisher–the glove ends up being his hand and he laughs at everyone “expecting an explanation.” I’m sure some of you would love that, but what can I say? I think I’m a softie at heart. It’s my one weakness! That and my noodle girl arms.)

Also, thanks to Chris for one last brainstorming session and for assisting with some of the ideas and dialogue in this final arc.

So what could Comic 600–the last one coming this Friday–be about? Well, one of the most beloved aspects of BitF has been the musical aspect, so I think we can squeeze in One Final Song…

Now then! I’ll be back at the end of the week to wax nostalgic some more, but for now, let’s take a look at what the future might hold for me! I’ve prepared this brand new, very special Tadpole Treble trailer for all to enjoy; take a look at the latest stages and stick around to the end for a big announcement that kinda brings this whole Nintendo thing full circle!

Secondly, it’s the FINAL WEEK FOR BITF BOOKS ON THE KICKSTARTER! Oh my gosh, you guys, better go get some books before it’s too late! Or if Kickstarter’s not your bag, the PayPal preorder option is always a good alternative.

I’m doing a Reddit AMA at the moment.

My goodness, I just have lots to say, don’t I? I’m freakin’ out here, only one update left! AAAAAH!!

Don’t forget to check the mouseover text for something I want to say to each and every one of you readers over the years.

-By Matthew