It’s the final comic review! One of many “finals,” actually. Indeed, folks, we’re getting fairly close to the endgame now. I suppose some of you might be tired of me not telling you exactly when the comic is wrapping up. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday for the answer! In fact, you’ll get a whole lot of answers Tuesday–how many comics are left, when it’s ending, and my plans on…Brawl in the Family: The Complete Collection! Don’t miss it! DON’T MISS IT, I SAY!

Incidentally, for those of you avoiding spoilers, all of this comic’s content was created before I knew of any sorts of leaks, so you can rest easy knowing this strip was drawn in total cluelessness.

In the meantime, though, enjoy the conclusion of Josh’s Nefarious comic!


Nefarious is making some nice progress now. Here’s one more gameplay gif for your enjoyment.


And with that…I’m off!
-By Matthew