And the comic moves onward with more gag-a-day strips. Ganondorf’s plan never made much sense to me at this part of Ocarina of Time. It’d be like blocking the line to the buffet with an enormous cake. Besides, couldn’t the Gorons just snack on the mountain itself, or one of its thousands of excess boulders? How does a “rock mine” work anyway? Do more rocks just grow there? If so, do they have life? Are they sentient? Years of deconstructing Nintendo games makes my mind constantly ask these questions HELP ME, MAKE IT STOP AGGGH

On a related note, thanks for all the comments about the comic ending! It has been a somewhat emotional weekend for me as well, and I’m gonna get to those emails tomorrow. But for now, I hope you guys aren’t too torn up about all this–I know quite well what it feels like to have something you enjoy come to a close, and I’m definitely feeling that with the end of BitF along with you.

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Ganondorf was tricky to draw in the first panel. The “character looking down” pose is intimidating but I wanted him to appear very capable and threatening in the beginning. Not a bumbler. To paraphrase Krusty the Clown, “The gag’s only funny if the sap’s got dignity!”

-By Matthew