One last Mario Kart strip to round out the week. I love Koopa Troopa; he’s one of my most-used characters in the series, and having made it this far, I think he’d be resourceful enough to pull this off at some point.

Well, folks. Here we are. On the cusp of yet another E3. Amidst murmurs of rumors (rumor murmurs?), supposed leaks, worries and excitement, there’s no denying that E3 is kind of the Christmastime of gaming. I hope the Big N brings out the Big Guns for this show…because I’m heading there!

Indeed, it’s time for the standard Summer break, my friends. While I’m down in LA, I’m also visiting my in-laws, so I’ll be spending weeks there away from the ol’ drawing tablet.
I’ll be taking the next 3 weeks off. In the meantime, keep your eye on this page because I’m hoping I can get the new podcast ready sometime today/tomorrow before I leave. It’s been difficult to iron out the kinks in it so I’d really like to get it working before vacation. Stay tuned! Either way, I’ll be updating the blog post this weekend with either the new podcast, or a long apology about how lame I am.

Sorry for those of you that may be dreading the break. I’ll be back July 1st! In the meantime, enjoy the excitement of E3 and the fresh new kart smell of Mario’s latest racer. But if that’s not enough, here’s one last tantalizing tidbit–I’m not just going to E3 as a spectator this year. In fact, I just may be meeting with a certain beloved game company…

-By Matthew