Whoops! I’m a day late with this one–as usual, the Christmas stories take a lot out of me. We’re still on schedule for part 3 on Tuesday and the (gasp) conclusion on next Friday, though, but I can’t guarantee they won’t be a day late either…

It’s been fun reading the early theories that surfaced after part 1. A lot of BitF readers thought I’d go the “everything turns out to be better without you” route, but as amusing as that is, plenty of other spoofs have done that gag already. Besides, Dedede’s not a completely irredeemable character or anything, so those of you in the “world is worse without him” betting ring, congrats! Now see if you can guess what happens next.

Hopefully today’s installment answered a few questions and raised several more. What’s the meaning of this brave new world? Why would Dedede’s existence cause such a shift? And most importantly, what’s with my fascination with alternate dystopias? These questions may or may not be answered in next week’s exciting installment of It’s a Plunderful Life! See you then!

Incidentally, those of you wanting Christmas gifts from the BitF store better step on the gas at this point! I’m sending out the rest of the current orders tomorrow morning, but I can’t guarantee that orders made after today can reach you guys before the 25th. I’ll do my best to stay on top of them, but it’s cuttin’ it awfully close by now. Best of luck!

-By Matthew