Happy Halloween!

So I wanted to try something different this year for Halloween, reminiscent of the Zombie strips from a few years back. Since Kirby’s morality has always been a touch ambiguous, especially in this comic, I thought it’d be fun to take that to the extreme. So the results pull from a few different horror sources, such as The Fly and The Blob, and finishing with a tried-and-true infinite loop ending. I played around with the art style here too–I really like how it came out, but it sure took awhile to get the right effect.

A few users asked about the mechanics of Kirby’s inhalation, and Adeleine’s plan to have Kirby absorb himself and get back to normal. Since the mechanics of Kirby’s power-stealing have always been a little inconsistent (in the games and in BitF), I decided to just have fun with it and go for something that I felt made enough sense in this world and–most importantly–fit with Kirby’s character (his smothering love of everyone). Like with The Simpsons’ Halloween specials, it’s sort of a loose type of canon that allows itself to be exaggerated for the purposes of Halloween fun.

For a less nightmarish version of this story, check out the prelude of Brawl in the Family: Volume One!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and have a spooky evening!

P.S. Next Tuesday is the first day of the rest of my life, and I’m nervous…! I hope I can rely on you guys.


-By Matthew