It’s a simple gag today, one that I think could actually fit right in with the first 100 BitF strips (if I drew it all wobbly). Welcome back, Dedede! It’s been far too long.

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The way these characters interact with video games has always been a little bit vaguely-defined…they seem to have knowledge of being in certain games since they play them, but they also interact with each other outside of these games. That’s pretty much what led to today’s comic (and it’s nice to see that Dedede has become more familiar with the mechanics of Pokeballs after last Christmas).

Good news! The Podcast section should finally be working correctly now! Sorry about the trouble, but you can easily access all the BitF Podcasts so far on one convenient page.
Are any of you in the New Orleans area? If so, you may want to drop by the DLC 13 indie game show today (Friday)…I’ll be there showcasing Tadpole Treble! Yep, it’s still in the works, and we’ve taken your valuable feedback to heart over the past year, rebuilding a stronger, sleeker engine from scratch and making improvements. So if you’re in that part of Louisiana, stop by! My brother and I will be doing a presentation in the afternoon, and I’ll have some BitF merchandise to sell and sign as well.

-By Matthew