I thought it necessary to pay tribute to the passing of one of gaming’s legends, Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi. Not only did Mr. Yamauchi transform Nintendo from a traditional playing card company to one that dealt in toys and (eventually) electronics such as video games, he also brought on board Nintendo mainstays such as Gunpei Yokoi, Minoru Arakawa, and an eager young artist named Shigeru Miyamoto.

So thanks, Mr. Yamauchi, for all you’ve done to shape this wonderful industry! You were an imposing man who ran a tight ship, and those hard-boiled tactics made Nintendo the goliath it is today. The title of this entry is a rough translation of the word “Nintendo.”

As for you non-Yamauchi people out there, sorry, no laughs today! Which I guess is par for the course for Brawl in the Family, am I right? Har har har. That counts as this week’s joke. We’ll be back to silly shenanigans this Friday, so hold your tongue and give our dearly departed his moment of respect.

-By Matthew