The original version of this strip involved Villager chopping down the tree and hitting Bowser with it, then Bowser getting angry and flattening Villager by uprooting Whispy. I’m still not sure if that’d work better than the current version or not, but I went with this one because it used Bowser’s inherent abilities more directly, and it makes a little more sense for him to immediately blast the Villager when he sees where it’s going. The only downside now is that I’m hoping enough readers are familiar with Villager’s “grow a tree/chop down a tree” attack to get what’s going on.

I’ve been playing a lot of Bowser’s Inside Story again, and it’s enjoyable to see how well-done the game handles Bowser himself. I think his brutish, impatient personality shines through nicely in the game, and it partially inspired this strip.

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-By Matthew