Can you guess what I’ve been playing lately? (not Oracle of Seasons)

Every now and then I like to try something that’s kind of insane. This comic ended up taking WAY more time than I expected, but I’m mostly happy with the results (although when I try to work in different styles, I tend to hit a lot more roadblocks than usual). I’d like to think that this strip is open to a few different interpretations too.

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So tomorrow/today is the big E3 Nintendo Direct! Here’s hoping they show some solid stuff, because Sony seems to be coming out with guns ablazin’. But a cornered, desperate Nintendo can often be Nintendo at its most powerful, so…let’s see some killer Smash Bros. footage already!

Last-minute guesses for newcomers: Little Mac, Palutena, and Mega Man.

Oh, by the way, I may be at Best Buy in Louisiana for the Nintendo E3 demos (likely around 4:30 or 5 PM), so if you’re going to, maybe you’ll see me!

-By Matthew