I’m surprised that I haven’t made a Mario & Luigi comic yet, but I found myself thinking of the recently-revealed “Dream Team” game for the 3DS, and the somewhat-underrated Bowser’s Inside Story came to mind. For those that may not have played these games yet, they’re quite enjoyable and have a decidedly insane sense of humor that’s kind of refreshing. Fans of Paper Mario in particular should give its cousin series a shot.

And yes, this comic is pretty accurate–you basically smack glowing nodes inside Bowser around and force him to do all sorts of remarkable things.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the podcast! I’m aware that some readers will not get the same value out of it that others do (i.e. a lot of people enjoy listening to podcasts while working at home, driving, etc), so I’m keeping that in mind. I’ll let you know how we plan on handling it very soon.

-By Matthew