I don’t often get to do this type of “socially tense” humor within the confines of a video game comic. It’s a little less broad and a bit more low-key than some jokes but I have fun with ideas like this anyway. I like the concept that this is Dededoo’s idea of a risky shenanigan.

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So I saw Wreck-It Ralph in theaters at midnight. While I’ve been pretty excited about the film, I have to say that it surpassed my lofty expectations! The video game references are naturally a lot of fun, but what’s perhaps more impressive are the ways the story is built around the arcade universe, and how so many plot threads and seemingly minor details all get resolved and come together in one way or another. The humor is excellent, the characters are memorable, and the animation (both the CGI and the pixel art) is a spectacle. Highly recommended!

-By Matthew