Today’s comic is dedicated to all the long-time fans of Kirby who’ve been shocked by one of the (surprisingly many) horrifying moments of the series. Seriously, possessed Adeleine from Kirby 64 is unnerving stuff!

But that aside, congratulations to our favorite pink blob thing for 20 years of entertainment! Kirby was one of many series that I grew up with, from Kirby’s Dream Land (which my brother bought as soon as it came out), to Kirby Super Star–still my favorite in the series–all the way to the adorably charming Epic Yarn and the polished fun of Return to Dream Land. Thanks for all the good memories, and here’s to more years of fun and nightmares to come!

By the way, the Dream Collection is excellent and contains some of the best Kirby platformers out there. If you’re a big fan, it’s hard to go wrong with this compilation and the nifty included bonuses: an art/history booklet of almost 50 pages, and a 45-track CD.

-By Matthew

You know what I think? I think that Matthew should be the official voice of Phoenix Wright for the English version of Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney.

Check out Matthew’s voice work as Phoenix in the below video that he made with the cast of the Phoenix Wright Musical Project.

In my unbiased opinion, Matthew’s Phoenix voice is way better than the one that Capcom used in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. In our friend’s words, “Matthew’s voice has the weight of a serious male protagonist that maintains an edge of lovable goofiness, bolstered by a strong dramatic delivery and impeccable comic timing.”

I mean, okay, Capcom probably doesn’t look around on the internet for voice actors, but this is a role Matthew was born to play.

– Chris