This works on your friends! Try it! They’ll be so proud of figuring it out that they won’t realize what they said. Kirby seems to be getting a bit craftier these days, doesn’t he?

Well friends, it happens every few years in Louisiana, and that time has come again. For the second instance in BitF history, I’ll have to take off due to a hurricane–in this case, Isaac, which seems to be headed right for us! We live a little north of New Orleans so it shouldn’t cause too much physical damage or flooding, but it’s almost a certainty that we’ll have no power for at least a few days. Back in 2009, Hurricane Gustav (along with his buddy Ike) slapped our state so hard that we didn’t have electricity or running water for nearly two weeks! And we all know well enough about Katrina.

Isaac probably won’t have quite the same effect, so I’m definitely planning on being back next Tuesday. In the meantime, we’re batting down the hatches, boarding the windows, and moving small objects and animals into the garage! See you soon after this all blows over.

-By Matthew