I feel that one thing that’s fun from a writing perspective is in seeing how far your characters will go. Where is the breaking point? What is this character like really, really angry, and what might set him or her off?

In BitF, Kirby’s always been a pretty laid-back and optimistic guy, but we know from the games that he has a tendency to overreact, sometimes violently (see Squeak Squad, and parts of Kirby’s Adventure). Despite his friendly demeanor, he does have an ingrained sense of righteousness and justice, and I thought it’d be fun to push his patience to the limit in this storyline to see where it’d take his and Dedede’s relationship. Guess we’ll see where it goes when the story wraps up at the end of next week!

The BitF Book Kickstarter is still kickin’ strong with the $30,000 goal reached, but we’re still not quite at the hardcover level! Thanks again to everyone who’s supported it this far!

-By Matthew