Tuesday, April 17 – 12:00 AM

It feels like it’s been so long since a “normal” comic update! I’ve been playing Kid Icarus Uprising and it’s really solid. The writing and characters remind me of a really good Saturday morning cartoon, and they’re so packed with personality that it makes me wonder if I can even do justice to them in comic form!

Oh, and I think the Fiend’s Cauldron/Intensity meter aspect of the game is a stroke of genius. Really, 91 difficulty levels wrapped in an addictive risk/reward system? Sign me up! Today’s strip is for all of those brave souls out there who’ve taken the 9.0 intensity challenge (that’s pretty much my face during the flying sections). This strip pretty much goes in a path you’d expect, but I dig the idea of a mundane, anachronistic swingset being altered in such a drastic way.

The site is a bit messy at the moment and I’ve really fallen behind on emails! I’ll be doing my best for the next few weeks to catch up on…well, a LOT of stuff I need to catch up on. I feel like the kid that’s gotta make up a full semester of missed homework.

By the way, I had a great time meeting some of you guys at UBCon last weekend! Thanks for stopping by to attend my panel, discuss my comic, and see me attempt to reenact the entire first and last cutscenes of The Faces of Evil (I think there’s a video of it floating around out there somewhere). It’s always a pleasure to chat with you guys and I’d love to be a guest at more conventions in the future!

-By Matthew