Wow, moving was a pain! I spent the better part of three days looking for cables, buying things, and getting everything all set up again to get my tablet working. But fortunately, I managed to get it to work late last night, which gave me just enough time to finish today’s comic.

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This strip was a little tricky in figuring out some of the layers, and being the first animated BitF comic, I’m hoping it runs smoothly enough on all of you readers’ computers and other devices! I haven’t done a GIF for the comic before, since I couldn’t think of a way to incorporate animation in a logical way given the specific timing of the medium, but it seemed to be the way to go here. Getting a MIX in Kirby is always a fun bonus (last time it happened to me, I was rewarded with UFO!), so I figured his more recent misfortunes would be thrown into the roulette at this point. I went through the entire archives for this one…see if you can tell where each is from!

-By Matthew