Merry Christmas! First off, apologies for the lateness of this comic – it’s always difficult doing the musical ones and it requires a lot of work on our end to get it to run right without problems. This time around, we wanted to make it to where it wouldn’t auto-play for people, hence the slightly different format.

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I actually enjoy the atmosphere of the dreaded ICE WORLD (like in Metroid Prime, for instance), but this teasing song was fun to write and helped me alleviate my frustration at all those slippery stages I’ve dealt with over the decades. Special thanks to my fiancee Sarah for singing backup (you may recognize her as the voice of Veran in the 300th comic), and to Chris for helping with the programming. Chris will also be uploading a video of this comic soon.

With that, I’m taking a Christmas vacation for future planning, house-hunting, and working on a project that I hope to reveal upon returning. I’ll be back in two weeks, on Tuesday, January 10th. In the meantime, you can check out this great guest comic that was made for me by John Gallagher, the talented artist behind the Buzzboy comic!

I wish you all the best in your holidays.

-By Matthew