(v’.’)> It’s time to party! <(‘.’v)

Kirby’s newest adventure comes out today and so see the above statement. I’ll definitely be one of many ready to pick up my copy at midnight and then pass out in a Dorito-fueled gaming binge by 1:15. And of course, to celebrate, here’s a strip that requires some knowledge of Spanish to fully get!

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I have an idea regarding this game and BitF that I’m pretty eager to try out–for the next several Kirby-related strips, the gang will be on this adventure instead of hanging out in the usual White Void. It won’t really be a story arc so much as a running thread, and it’ll let me do several game-specific Kirby strips (usually when I use the characters, they’re separate from the games). And Nintendo’s given the opportunity to let these four nuts go on an adventure together, so who am I to pass up the potential fun to be had there? All “Return to Dreamland” strips will have the name “Dreamland” in the title, but in the meantime, I’ll still be doing the usual BitF stuff as well (next strip is a Halloween one, for instance).

Also, still experimenting with the lines and stuff, so we’ll see where it goes.

Now go enjoy yourselves some Kirby!

-By Matthew