Today’s comic was originally a one-paneler, but then Chris and I began throwing around suggestions for alternate punchlines, and it soon blossomed into what you see here.

Realizing this might be one those cases where the image lends itself well to captions, I’m going to throw a MINI-CONTEST! All you have to do is post your own alternate caption for this image in the Current Comic Discussion thread on the forums (sorry, it’s not letting me link right now), or email it directly to us–text only is fine! The best of the best will be converted into an image like the above, and posted in this blog post for a permanent little spot on BitF! We’ll be taking submissions until the next comic update on Thursday night (around 9 PM central).


So the contest has ended, and I’d like to thank everyone that participated! Between the 40+ e-mails and the numerous forumers, there were well over 200 entries to go through!� It was certainly not easy to narrow them all down, but eventually we narrowed it down to 35 that tickled us the most, then to the twelve favorites below.
First up, our top three in no particular order:

Simple but effective wordplay. Believe it or not, we actually got more than one submission very similar to this…but per the rules, I had to use Austin’s first because it was the one submitted earliest!

This caught me off-guard by flipping the Midna/Wolf thing around. It makes me picture a couple meeting up at a costume party, and the guy playing Wolf has realized his terrible mistake. It’s fun and it tells a silly story in just a line.

Another goofy tale implied by a line, there’s something inherently amusing about Wolf peeking all over for Midna for reasons unknown. And after all this time, Midna still seems amused by it all!

Other favorites:

“Hands off my head.” -Mr Roboto113
“This is still not as bad as the time Leon had to fight a bunch of zombies.” -MissHedgey
“Yeah, I could use a bomb here, but mine blow up a lot more than just a wall!” -PhantomFox
“How can we get people to write this comic for us?” -Commodore Jim
“Okay, I’ll make the horsey noises, but I swear, if this shows up on YouTube…” -Caleb
“What happened last night?” -Chaos Kiwi
“As far as one-eyed anti-heroes go, you’re good. But I’m better.” -John P
“Umm… I don’t think the human transformation worked correctly.” -Conner B
“Old Spice. Works every time!” -GigaNerd17

Thanks again for all the laughs, everyone! It was extremely tough narrowing them all down and you guys did a great job.

-By Matthew