Navi, take it easy!

I went back and forth on the last panel for awhile. It began as a regular moon popping up, and I initially didn’t want to do the Majora’s Mask moon because I thought the new gag that introduced (i.e. “more doom”) might override the initial gag (the suns don’t go down, the moon just comes up). Also, that moon technically was never in OoT Hyrule.

But what the heck, I ended up going with it anyway in hopes that the two jokes don’t cancel each other out–a surprisingly common occurrence in the world of comics.

Make sure you keep an ear out for Nintendo’s 3DS conference tonight! It should be beginning at 10 PM central, and there’s supposedly a major game announcement or two as well. I’m also hoping for the rest of the GBA games to be revealed.

-By Matthew