Remember when people were excited about finally riding Yoshi in 3-D environments? Super Mario Sunshine came along and gave us this weird, water-allergic, juice-vomiting version of the dino that I’m sure any rancher would be upset with.

I’m still wondering if people will find this one too gross. I tried to make the juice look as non-pukey as possible, but I kept it messy since that’s more or less exactly what happens in the game (complete with a heaving, guttural sound). The end result seems to me as no worse than what you’d find in a Nickelodeon cartoon, but your mileage may vary. The dialogue in the fourth panel also went through a ridiculous number of revisions for some reason.

So remember, everyone–don’t ride Delfino dinosaurs. Stick to the interstellar ones, they have stronger stomachs!

-By Matthew