Alt Ending
(Alternate Ending)

This is one of those strips that kind of makes Kirby look like a jerk. It’s somewhat unclear exactly what happens when Kirby eats a character (even within the games’ own universe), so I generally keep that pretty vague as well, although there’ve been a few strips where the eaten has stuck around afterward. The alternate ending was something I came up with while drawing it and considered having that be part of the actual comic, but it messed with the flow a little bit. So, bonus panel!

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A lot of enterprising fans have taken it upon themselves to record (or “dub”) dialogue for various BitF strips and post the results on YouTube. These are always a lot of fun for me to watch, but I recently saw one that did such a good job with the voices and presentation that I had to link you to it: check it out!

For the record, that’s exactly the sound effect I had in mind when Daisy transformed into the fly.

-By Matthew