Usually when I do something a little bluer than the norm for BitF, someone gets upset…which I imagine will probably happen here. But with a grave-digging NPC who finds a “Piece of Heart” (incidentally, one of the more annoying ones in the game), the joke practically writes itself! Also, I try to “soften the blow” by having the offensive part offscreen or downplayed somehow to keep it a light PG.

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In related macabre news, is it just me, or is Capcom killing off Mega Man? After his mysterious exclusion from two MvC games and the subsequent canceling of two series’ titles (Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3), I’m starting to worry about the future of one of gaming’s greatest heroes! For those of you wanting to see more Mega Man, this online group aims to save the upcoming 3DS sequel in any way possible. While it’s hard to say what Capcom would do at this point, I’m all for any sort of “save Mega Man” initiative, so give it a “Like” if you love the Blue Bomber!

-By Matthew