I never really can predict how the reaction will be to these “slice-of-life” style comics, but I always have fun doing them. The Kirby cast has essentially comprised the “main characters” section of BitF, which I think is somewhat important when you have a series of mostly one-off strips. To me, when you have recurring characters and the occasional strip that isn’t 100% video game-based, it somehow keeps everything grounded in a sense.

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On that note, the new Kirby Wii game that appeared at E3 (which is excellent, by the way) makes me consider applying whatever canon is established there into the Kirby “section” of BitF. What reason might Dedede have for helping out Kirby this time? Does Meta Knight have any other motivations? And has Waddle Dee finally made his transition into full-blown hero? I’m curious how the game will unfurl this holiday season, and I’ll be sure to pick it up!

Fun fact: I drew this ostrich comic awhile ago but I wanted to incorporate it into BitF somehow. It seemed like a good candidate for a joke that’s somewhat dumb and goofy, but also a little funny–the kind of thing Dedede might not be able to stifle laughing at.

-By Matthew