Once again, I must apologize for the later-than-usual update. Rest assured this is a result of the extra work involved in these comics and not something that will be a regular thing.

Apologies also to the readers who may have seen the color purple and assumed a certain wiry sociopath would show up. I did have ideas for the guy, but…well, in the interest of brevity, a few things had to be cut short.

I see Ganondorf as a somewhat sincere character, at least at this point in his life. The Wind Waker reveals the guy as being ambitious and perhaps misguided, but his intentions are arguably pure (at least, on some level). One of the things I would’ve liked to explore a little more (if I had decided to make this story longer) was his role in the school.

But enough regrets! Enjoy the buildup to the climax, and I’ll do my best to get the ninth and penultimate part up by Tuesday!

-By Matthew

UPDATE: Yikes! This week has been and will be extremely busy for me! There’s a major business trip I have to take regarding a musical my dad and I are working on, and I’ve spent the rest of the weekend at family obligations and finalizing some other projects that had a deadline of…well, the time I’m typing this now. Unfortunately, it’s simply impossible for me to have a comic this Tuesday due to this, but we’ll be back in action on Friday!