Dedede’s lousy first day of school continues to worsen. Today, he gets some insight into the school’s inner workings but ends up paying for it with the first of many trips into someone’s mouth. The color of the day is…orange! I basically pick these essentially based on the “mood” of the comic itself.

Sorry again for the lateness. Several folks have suggested mixing in smaller “normal” comics to keep an update schedule that doesn’t physically kill me. While this would be a nice reprieve, I didn’t like the idea of “breaking up” the story with a jump ahead in time to the “current day.” However, I did come up with a good middle-ground method to keep the flow going: smaller comics that take place in this “universe” (and can flow chronologically after what was just read). Expect the first “Intermission” this Friday…and expect to meet a couple of long-overdue characters never before seen in BitF, or in any video game, for that matter.

-By Matthew