It’s been…a surprisingly long time since Kirby’s shown up, eh? And an even longer time since we’ve seen the Jiggs. But the interplay between the two is always fun to tackle, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this little night out seemed particularly appropriate for this Tuesday’s update.

Characters like Jigglypuff are somewhat tricky since they don’t talk in BitF (also in this group are Link, and probably Waddle Dee and Diddy Kong), so sometimes I’m a little worried that I can’t do much with them. But thankfully, plenty can be said merely through actions in the wonderful art form of comics, so it’s really not as much of a liability as it would be in a less-visual medium.

P.S. I’ve gotten asked about this before, so to clarify, I tend to not do mouse-over/hover-text for longer comics; with bigger strips, it’s more likely that the reader’s cursor will accidentally hover over the image, and I don’t want the text to distract from the comic itself.

-By Matthew