I actually made this joke when I saw the original Kid Icarus Uprising trailer, and I thought it could be made into a comic with some minor, goofy alterations. In fact, Palutena’s dialogue here is from the game, verbatim.

That last panel “word” was sort of difficult to visualize though.

By the way, I never really commented on the slew of 3DS news. I know I’ll be getting one at launch! I love system launches; I’ve got great memories of the Wii one especially (given that that one had the biggest crowd and most excitement of the launches I’ve been to). I hope the 3DS’s launch day library is decent though; odds are quite low that we’ll actually get Icarus then, and that and the Resident Evil Mercenaries game are my most-anticipated 3DS titles (that *could* be up for grabs at launch).

Overall, though, I’m extremely psyched for the next Paper Mario. That series is flat-out fun!


(great, there goes another comic idea)

-By Matthew