Man, the Kirby series has some bulbous characters, huh? Adeleine’s the only humanoid one in this whole town of abominations!

Today’s comic hearkens back to one of the many fun winter pastimes (at least for those of you lucky enough to get snow) when even Dedede and Meta Knight can let go of their inhibitions for a bit…but it’s just a taste of things to come when BitF goes Christmas next week. I’ve revised the old schedule slightly, so here’s what’s coming up until the end of the year:

CC Teaser

For those of you doing the math, that means that milestone comic 300 will indeed be holiday-themed and will hit the site on Christmas Eve. It’s also been pushed up from its original planned date (the Tuesday after), although I will be taking the annual week break after that. Don’t worry, though, these three themed comics are sure to fill your heart with cheer or something.

-By Matthew


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– Chris