If Cranky’s the original DK, which was 13 years prior to DKC…then shouldn’t this logically be the situation as it currently stands, in a game 16 years after DKC? And so the cycle shall continue indefinitely on DK Island.

“And we knew how to swim, too!”

So as I previously mentioned, I’ll be taking next week off. I hope you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving, and to those of you who don’t celebrate turkey day, I hope you have a great week of doing other stuff!  Donkey Kong Country Returns comes out on Sunday, so if you’re up for more platforming Wii goodness, it’d behoove you not to miss out. I know I won’t!

-By Matthew


Friday, November 19 — 7:30 AM

Thanksgiving is a day where friends and family gather together and have a huge, delicious meal.  These feasts typically consist of candied yams, cranberry sauce, and Dededolls.


Happy Thanksgiving from Brawl in the Family!

– Chris