Every now and then a reader might inevitably ask me, “Where’s Dededoo?” The truth is, it’s a little tricky to think up ideas using him, so I was excited to finally get the chance to draw a new Dededoo comic.

This comic originally had a non-yarn Dededoo. Chris suggested I make him yarnified, and that seemed like the better choice. But here’s the original, if you were interested!

Just finished the fourth world in Epic Yarn, and the game’s starting to get a bit tougher. It’s not the sort of title you play to attempt to conquer, but rather one that’s addictive in how it constantly introduces new ideas or implementations of those ideas in a clever and creative way. Playing it with someone who’s less experienced with platformers seems to be the best way to go, in my experience, and the way to get the maximum enjoyment out of the game.

Prince Fluff himself is pretty awesome too, and I’m wondering how/if he’ll fit into BitF as a semi-regular.

Favorite stage so far: world 3’s “Melody Town.”

-By Matthew